How to learn to code from an ‘online’ classroom

TechCrunch article An online course designed to teach students to code will be launched this month.The first of its kind, the course aims to help students from all walks of life become better computer programmers.It will run on Coursera’s platform, which lets anyone learn by watching video lectures, using flashcards and video interviews.The course will be offered by Courserab, a […]

How to use Google’s computer vision tool to make money

An online video from the University of Waterloo shows how to use a computer vision software to make a profit from a computer science course.University of Waterloo professor Michael O’Sullivan says computer vision is an important technology, but he’s worried about the impact on the teaching profession.“It’s not going to go away,” he said.“It’s going to get worse, and it’s […]

Computer vision course costs £30,000 but won’t help you with job interview

A course on computer vision, which teaches how to use algorithms to detect faces in photos, will cost you more than £30.It’s not just a bad deal, it could be damaging for your job prospects, according to a job-hunting study.Computer vision has become increasingly important for companies that want to compete in the increasingly competitive world of information technology, according […]