How to Make Your Career a Computer Science Career

This is a two-part article.First, I’ll walk you through the five key things to keep in mind when deciding on what you want to study in computer science.Second, I will outline the three major ways to get a computer science degree, along with what to expect in your first year of study.I’ll cover what you need to know in order […]

How to become a better coder: How to get better grades and become a top performer

Coding has long been a passion for many young people, but it’s become an increasingly important part of the job market as technology and computing becomes more accessible to more people.Now, the profession is becoming more mainstream thanks to the rise of apps like Udacity and Coursera.There are also a lot of courses available for those who don’t have the […]

Computer Science degrees are for suckers

Computer science degrees are worthless for anyone but the computer geek.There’s a whole lot of bad information out there on the internet, and not just in the way it’s presented to you.Here are the top five reasons why.Read more »

What’s the best way to study computer science?

This article is not designed to replace the content of our course or the courses offered at our university.However, we hope it will help you choose the right computer science course for you.

Which computer skills should you learn online?

The online computing courses offered by most university colleges are the best way to learn to use computers and get a better grasp of the skills required to run a modern website or a mobile app, according to a report published by the International Association of Computing Education (IACE).The IACE said the courses, which cover basic computer programming, basic networking […]

IT is an engineering job. Not an art or a science. – IT course in India

TechCrunch is reporting that IT courses in India are actually more important than in the US for the next batch of IT graduates.The new IT degree is actually an art and not a science, according to the report.The students who took the course in the country are likely to be professionals with a strong understanding of computer science. TechCrunch sources source In a […]

‘Best computer science degrees courses’ – study the courses on Google News

The following is a list of the top 10 computer science programs in the world, according to Google News.1.The University of Toronto (Canada): 4.5 million students are enrolled in the program, which is ranked #1 in the U.S. with over 35,000 students, according the website, edX.2.The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): 3.8 million students.3.The Pennsylvania State University (Pennsylvania): 2.7 million […]

How to get the most out of your computer science degrees

It’s no secret that the job market is tough.According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, unemployment rates for recent college graduates are higher than their employment rate.That means you have to find a job.That can be difficult when you’re a first-time grad.The best solution for this problem is to study computer science.If you’re in your final year of college, you’ll […]

How to get a degree in computer science and related skills

Learn to code using Python, HTML, CSS and Java, and use Microsoft Word and Excel for business.Learn to read and write Java and HTML using Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Google Docs.Get a computer science degree using the following courses: Computer Science Degree Courses |Computer Science (C#) Courses.

Computer Science: The Basics

The Basics of Computer Science is a course that has been in the curriculum of students since it was first introduced in 1994.And now, thanks to a partnership between NBC News and Coursera, the course has expanded to include more than 50 different courses covering everything from programming to design.“Computer science is the foundation of all technology and we’ve always […]