How to Learn to Code: The Guide to Computer Science in Ghana

HAMPUS, Ghana (CNN) How to learn to code?It’s easy to learn, but it’s harder to master.That’s because many of the world’s top computer scientists, including Bill Gates and Sergey Brin, are not from the country, where the average life expectancy is nearly 78.That means there are plenty of people to teach you the basics.But as the country prepares to host […]

6 computer science courses for children in the Philippines

There are a lot of computer science related courses in the Philippine educational system. The Philippine Computer Science Program is one of the largest computer science programs in the world, with more than 1,600 computer science students. I found myself having a lot more time with the computer program and its students than I ever had with any other class. To learn the basics […]

What is computer science? | BBC News

Computer science is a wide-ranging branch of science that deals with the design and manipulation of computer programs.The discipline encompasses all areas of computing including data storage, networking, graphics, graphics rendering, and operating systems.Computer science students learn to program computers to solve complex problems and build applications.Some of the most popular courses in computer science include the following:Computer science is […]

IT is an engineering job. Not an art or a science. – IT course in India

TechCrunch is reporting that IT courses in India are actually more important than in the US for the next batch of IT graduates.The new IT degree is actually an art and not a science, according to the report.The students who took the course in the country are likely to be professionals with a strong understanding of computer science. TechCrunch sources source In a […]

How to create your own cloud computing course?

The course, which takes you through the fundamentals of cloud computing, is available to download for free and will be available for download on Friday.The course has a focus on cloud computing and the fundamentals, but it is also aimed at students who want to learn about a variety of topics including security, networking, hardware, mobile devices and the cloud.Students […]

Computer Science Course in Ghana: Lessons from the ‘Crash Course’

Learn from the crash course that helped me succeed as a software engineer in Ghana.In this course, you will study the theory behind computers, how they work and how to apply the theory to your work.I had to take a crash course in order to learn how to code. You can read more about the crash courses in Ghana here. For more […]

How to apply the latest computer science knowledge to build an AI engine

Course description: This is a computer science course designed to teach you the fundamentals of the fundamentals that computers are built on.It is not a computer course in the sense that you can only complete one.You can also complete one if you want.The purpose of this course is to help you with the fundamentals, and not to build any complex […]

How to get computer science degrees in India

A college degree in computer science is becoming a necessity in India, as the country is facing a shortage of skilled IT workers.According to the United Nations, India ranks fifth out of 158 countries in terms of computer science degree attainment.The country has one of the highest literacy rates in the world and one of India’s top universities is one […]

How to study Computer Science in India with an Interactive Course

Computer science is a science that is usually taught at university level.But India’s Computer Science Institute (CSEI) has launched an interactive course to help students learn the basics of the subject.The institute’s interactive course is called Computer Science: Introduction to Computing and Information Systems, and it aims to teach the basics about computing from the perspective of computer science.The course […]

Students in India face the biggest financial burden in computer science

Students in the Indian government’s computer science program face the most financial burden, according to the latest data from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.The National Computer Science Academy, or NCSA, provides free computer courses to students from a variety of educational backgrounds in the country.The program has seen some success in attracting more students.But the data released by […]