What’s new in software for adults

Computer science courses are getting a makeover with a new curriculum, one that aims to give them a leg up in the workforce and help them navigate the complexities of modern software development. The new curriculum is called MIT Computer Science Courses for Adults, and it was designed to address a wide range of technical and software development needs in the […]

How to use a computer program to teach quantum computing

India is set to launch its first quantum computing course in English, with a quantum computer being built in a lab in the Indian capital of New Delhi.The quantum computing courses will begin in November this year and will include lectures, quizzes and simulations.Quantum computers use quantum information to encode information and control computers.This is the first quantum computer course […]

Why I don’t use an iPhone anymore

I used to have an iPhone 5 and I used it as my primary computer, but now I no longer use it.I can’t use it to do most of my online banking and online shopping, nor can I use it for most of the other things I do on my phone, which is why I’m going to take this course.I […]

Computer Science Course: Crash Course in Hindi: The Complete Crash Course

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How to learn to speak Hindi online course

The first day of the course for the Hindi language course in the Washington-based Center for Advanced Education is scheduled to begin on Tuesday.The course is being offered through a collaboration between the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Center for Advancing Hindi Education.The goal of the institute is to provide a more inclusive, accessible and comprehensive approach to […]

How to Get a Job in Computer Science – An Interview Course

The interview is one of the biggest challenges you’ll face in your career.This course teaches you the ins and outs of getting a job in the computer industry, and it’ll help you get a job right out of the gate.This is one course that you should take if you want to land a job at a tech company.You’ll learn everything […]