How to Make Your Career a Computer Science Career

This is a two-part article.First, I’ll walk you through the five key things to keep in mind when deciding on what you want to study in computer science.Second, I will outline the three major ways to get a computer science degree, along with what to expect in your first year of study.I’ll cover what you need to know in order […]

What I learned in the Advanced Computer Vision Course at BCom Source Associated Press

BCom University, a private research university in South Korea, has announced a new computer vision and machine learning course that focuses on deep learning, and is aimed at students in fields like AI and robotics.The course, called Deep Learning in the Big Data Age, was offered by the institute and BCom in late October.It was described as a “comprehensive and […]

How to design software that’s fast, easy and cheap

A week after being announced as the next generation of the world’s most popular software, Microsoft’s latest iteration of Windows 8 is already well under way.As a new OS, the OS has been in development for a year and it looks set to continue the trend of cutting-edge technology and cutting-out the old.In fact, Microsoft has been releasing some of […]

Computer Engineering Course: How to build an app with Java

How to learn the basics of programming in Java with the help of a computer.This course is part of a series of tutorials aimed at developers that have been offered by a number of different universities around the world.The first video shows a simple example of a Java app using Java, followed by a step-by-step tutorial that takes you through […]

‘I am not racist, just curious’: students protest online course

Students in the course entitled “Basic Computer Graphics Online” at the University of Warwick have spoken out against the online course they say they are not “racist” in, writing on Twitter they have “nothing against computer graphics” and “want a good education”.But they were accused of “hijacking” their course, and one student has now taken the course online, prompting a […]

How to teach yourself computer science online courses: From basics to advanced topics

A computer science course is about as easy as teaching a computer to play a game.So what is it exactly?A computer scientist teaches a course of a computer and the computer teaches a computer.For some courses, the course content includes computer vision, video conferencing, video gaming, artificial intelligence and other fields.Computer science courses are taught using the term “computer”.This is […]

How to start learning computer programming, courses near you,computer courses,beginners courses for computers, cloud computing courses

Google News article Google’s official course guide, for learners of programming languages like Java and C#, offers several suggestions for starting out.Among them is a section on starting out as a beginner: “If you’re new to computer programming or are just getting started, you can start out by learning the fundamentals of computer programming by taking the course Intro to […]

How to teach your children to code

The most popular computing education course in the world is now available to all students.The course, the latest incarnation of a long-running and hugely popular coding bootcamp, has just been officially launched by the UK Government.The curriculum includes computer science, graphics and design, and will be offered to all pupils aged 11 and up.The programme’s chief executive, James Huddleston, told […]

How to Learn to Code from a Computer Course: How to Get Started

Computer science is a subject that has gained great attention in recent years.This course by a British computer science graduate has a very different tone than many others.I am going to teach you how to do computer programming on a computer.I want you to see the possibilities, the opportunities, and the challenges.It’s a course that will show you the way […]

How to Learn Computer Science: Computer Architecture Course Near Me!

Computer architecture course near me!This course is available on Amazon for $39.99.You can purchase this course from the links below.You might also want to check out Computer Engineering Course Near Us which is a great option if you want to learn about Computer Science.If you have a specific interest in computer architecture you might also like to check this course […]