When the computer is at your side

Computer courses at the University of Illinois have a reputation for teaching computer science skills like math and data science.Now, an interactive virtual classroom at the university’s computer science department has given them a boost in that field, teaching students how to use the Internet to explore data and learn about other people.“It’s all about social impact,” said Leland T. […]

How to get a Computer Science degree in Hampshire

The latest edition of the Computer and Information Systems Engineering (CISA) course is in session.The course has been taught in Hampshire since 1887 and it is based on the theories of Sir Isaac Newton, who first described gravity and the forces that make up the cosmos.The Hamphire Courses, which are also known as Computer Engineering, are taught by an engineering […]

I’ve been a computer engineer for years but it’s still tough to get into this field

The last thing you want to do when you’re studying for a job is be discouraged by an internship or a job interview that seems too good to be true.But as the computer science field matures and more and more companies are making it easier to hire and train computer science graduates, you might want to rethink how you’re evaluating […]