How to Find the Best Online Computer Courses

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Top-ranked top-selling computer science course for 2017: Computer Science for Beginners

Computer Science is one of the most sought after skills for aspiring computer scientists and entrepreneurs.The field is becoming a big market for both startups and the start-ups who want to enter the space.The list of top-ranked courses that are offering computer science for beginners is pretty much endless.So, let’s take a look at some of the top-rated computer science […]

Football Italians take over Italy’s first ever computer science club

Italia’s first computer science team took over its club’s headquarters, after being formed as a club on the internet.The team is now officially a member of the national football association (Lazio).Lazioni Sport, the club’s technical director and its chairman, told El Pais that the team had already won the league once before, in 2012.He also noted that the club has […]