Students with computer skills courses learn to code

By Mary Ann CoughlanFor students in basic computer courses and others with limited or no coding skills, the ability to code is important to learning the fundamentals of computer systems.But the skill set of computer programmers is so limited that they often don’t know how to make a game or an app that works.That is the case for students in […]

What’s the best way to study computer science?

This article is not designed to replace the content of our course or the courses offered at our university.However, we hope it will help you choose the right computer science course for you.

Which computer skills should you learn online?

The online computing courses offered by most university colleges are the best way to learn to use computers and get a better grasp of the skills required to run a modern website or a mobile app, according to a report published by the International Association of Computing Education (IACE).The IACE said the courses, which cover basic computer programming, basic networking […]

How to be a tech geek in Glasgow

Glasgow, Scotland — It is no secret that Glasgow is one of the world’s top tech hubs.But the city is also a place where it is easy to be an outcast.Glasgow has been ranked the fifth most hostile city in the United Kingdom for the past year and a half, according to a study by a British technology consultancy, Comscore.And […]

A computer science college course that teaches basic computer skills

This course teaches basic computing skills to all students.It has been around since 2009 and is available to all computer science students.The course is aimed at helping students develop their basic skills and to help them make an informed decision on which computer science degree to pursue.This course covers topics such as: How to design, implement, and monitor an application […]

Computer science for kids: The most popular course for kids

Computer science courses for children are among the most popular courses in computer science, according to a survey by a new company that helps companies identify the most valuable.The survey by the consulting firm CareerCast found that the most sought-after courses for students were computer science and computer engineering, followed by basic computer skills and computer vision.The top-rated courses are:Computer […]

How to Start a Crash Course on Computer Science

A crash course on computer science is a great way to get started on a career as a software engineer or programmer.The course can be taught in a classroom or at home with no prior experience in computer programming.The goal is to get students to use the computer to solve problems, solve problems they wouldn’t have even thought about using […]

When can you start studying for your GCSEs?

The deadline for GCSE results is Monday April 12th.You can start studying at the end of April.The deadline to apply for an English language GCSE in the UK has now passed.If you want to be in the top 20% of GCSE students in the next year, you must have been in the GCSE top 20 before March 2017.There is a […]

How to get your computer skills to the next level

In this video tutorial, you’ll learn the basics of the fundamentals of computer programming, and how to get a computer to do a task.You’ll also learn how to make a simple application that will display some images and other data.The tutorial also includes the ability to add your own text, music, or voice to the computer.This video tutorial is available […]