When the World’s First Cloud-to-Server Cloud Computing Course Hits The Internet!

Posted October 13, 2018 09:07:49A cloud computing course for beginners is now available on Udemy.The course covers a wide range of topics related to cloud computing.The instructor of the course is Nepali IT specialist Praveen Bhagat.The Cloud-To-Server Course is available on the Udemy website for $1,499.The Udemy platform is a service that offers more than 600,000 courses from top universities […]

Computer courses in Nepal for job: Best computer courses in nepalese

Nepalese computer programmer Nirmal Kumar works on his laptop as he teaches a course in Computer Programming in Nepal.(Photo: Nirupa Choudhary/Reuters)Maldives, Nepal and Sri Lanka are among the 10 countries where computer programming is a second-class subject in Nepal, a country where computer science is considered a backward science.Computer programs are not the only area where Nepaleses lack skills.In addition […]

Why do we want to learn to code?

An interactive tutorial is being used by students in Nepal to learn how to code, and the project aims to make computer science as accessible as other subjects, according to the project’s website.Nepali students have been using a series of online tutorials to learn the basics of programming.The Nepali government is encouraging students to take a class in computer science […]

What Is a Basic Computer Course?

This is the first time in the history of basic computer course syllabus that we have included a discussion of the concept of a basic computer class.The course’s introduction states that students are encouraged to ‘take the most important courses in their area, and to study them with a view to a suitable future career’.The course is a syllabus which […]

Computer science for all

An online computer science course in Nepali, where students can study with an international team, could help students gain a more comprehensive understanding of computing.It is one of several online computer courses offered in Nepal, with more to come.Computer science is a topic of much interest for Nepali students, who have the highest rate of literacy and literacy skills among […]

Course in Nepali: Basic Computer Science Course in Online Source: Indian Express title Nepali – Basic Computer science course in Online: online course in Nepal

In a recent interview, Indian IT expert Ashish Sharma said that there is a need to bring Nepali technology into India.He said that the country needs to bring it into India to make it more accessible to the country’s IT professionals and students.Sharma said, “It is time to bring the Nepali tech into India, otherwise we won’t be able to […]

How to use Google’s new Chrome OS for advanced computing

The world’s largest web search engine has launched a new browser to compete with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Apple’s Safari.Chrome OS is a new version of the operating system that will compete with Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Chrome browser.Google’s Chrome OS software can run in a wide range of operating systems including Linux, Windows, and macOS, as well as mobile […]

Why Nepali students are learning about quantum computing

Nepali is the country of 2.5 billion people and home to one of the world’s largest quantum computer research centres.But the government is keen to boost the country’s technological capacity and push for a quantum computing revolution, and is funding a quantum education programme, dubbed the “Nepali Quantum Computing Course”. According to the Nepali government, the programme is part of a […]

How to use Google’s computer vision tool to make money

An online video from the University of Waterloo shows how to use a computer vision software to make a profit from a computer science course.University of Waterloo professor Michael O’Sullivan says computer vision is an important technology, but he’s worried about the impact on the teaching profession.“It’s not going to go away,” he said.“It’s going to get worse, and it’s […]

Football Italians take over Italy’s first ever computer science club

Italia’s first computer science team took over its club’s headquarters, after being formed as a club on the internet.The team is now officially a member of the national football association (Lazio).Lazioni Sport, the club’s technical director and its chairman, told El Pais that the team had already won the league once before, in 2012.He also noted that the club has […]