How to get your certificate online in 3 easy steps

Get the computer science certificate online for free or for $150 for those who need it the most.You can do so using a computer, tablet, phone, or any device with internet access.There are several ways to get a computer science degree online.Here are three ways to go:1.Use the web to get the computer knowledgeYou can get a bachelor’s degree online […]

How to get an A+ in a quantum computing course

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Which computer courses are right for your students?

Computer training has become increasingly popular among young adults, with the average American now learning how to code for the first time in their lives.While this trend has been in decline in recent years, there are still many college-level courses available.Computer course enrollment has been rising in recent months, with some colleges offering introductory and advanced courses.However, there is an […]

Students with computer skills courses learn to code

By Mary Ann CoughlanFor students in basic computer courses and others with limited or no coding skills, the ability to code is important to learning the fundamentals of computer systems.But the skill set of computer programmers is so limited that they often don’t know how to make a game or an app that works.That is the case for students in […]

How to Learn to Code: The Guide to Computer Science in Ghana

HAMPUS, Ghana (CNN) How to learn to code?It’s easy to learn, but it’s harder to master.That’s because many of the world’s top computer scientists, including Bill Gates and Sergey Brin, are not from the country, where the average life expectancy is nearly 78.That means there are plenty of people to teach you the basics.But as the country prepares to host […]