When is the perfect time to go to a computer science night?

The ideal time to attend a computer sciences night, according to a new survey conducted by the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM), is now.ACM’s research group surveyed 1,000 computer science professionals, asking them to identify the perfect computer science evening and answer a series of questions about their plans for the next year.ACMS found that more than 60 per cent […]

How to choose the best university online

In an age of online education, it’s essential to know which courses are actually worth your money.For that, it helps to know how much you can save, how much is still available, and which courses offer the most value.The Globe and Mail’s new online calculator helps you to do just that.A new calculator shows you which online courses you’ll save […]

Microsoft says it is ‘moving towards a more open, open, secure world’

Microsoft is shifting away from security and towards a “more open, more open world” as it works to improve its cloud computing service.Key points:Microsoft said it is moving away from a security and into a “less secure world”The company has said it will “move towards a ‘more open world’ when it comes to cloud computing, where users can share, collaborate […]

How to train for the 2020 Commonwealth Games

How to make a full-time career as a computer programmer?If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ve probably noticed I’ve been working on a new book.I’ll be doing a lot more writing on this subject, but the idea is that we’ll look at what a computer-science degree looks like, how to get the best possible outcome from it, […]