Computer Science Course in Ghana: Lessons from the ‘Crash Course’

Learn from the crash course that helped me succeed as a software engineer in Ghana.In this course, you will study the theory behind computers, how they work and how to apply the theory to your work.I had to take a crash course in order to learn how to code. You can read more about the crash courses in Ghana here. For more […]

Why are there so many computer science courses in online courses?

Computer science courses have been growing in popularity over the past few years, but it’s hard to say whether the popularity is due to the rise of the internet or to a growing demand for online courses.We spoke to online education company Computer Science Institute to find out more.We have asked online education provider Computer Science to share their top […]

Computer Engineering Course: How to build an app with Java

How to learn the basics of programming in Java with the help of a computer.This course is part of a series of tutorials aimed at developers that have been offered by a number of different universities around the world.The first video shows a simple example of a Java app using Java, followed by a step-by-step tutorial that takes you through […]

How to fix Google News crash

The best way to fix a Google News app crash is to uninstall it.The Google app crashed a few weeks ago, causing many users to lose access to the app and even Google Play.The fix is simple.Go to Settings, then Apps, and delete the crash app.This will delete all apps that use the Google News API, including Google News.To keep […]