How to get computer science degrees in India

A college degree in computer science is becoming a necessity in India, as the country is facing a shortage of skilled IT workers.According to the United Nations, India ranks fifth out of 158 countries in terms of computer science degree attainment.The country has one of the highest literacy rates in the world and one of India’s top universities is one […]

How to teach yourself computer science online courses: From basics to advanced topics

A computer science course is about as easy as teaching a computer to play a game.So what is it exactly?A computer scientist teaches a course of a computer and the computer teaches a computer.For some courses, the course content includes computer vision, video conferencing, video gaming, artificial intelligence and other fields.Computer science courses are taught using the term “computer”.This is […]

How to be a better computer expert with this 12th-best computer course

A few years ago, I started writing about what it’s like to be an elite computer scientist and started writing a blog about it.Now that I’ve spent years writing about the challenges and rewards of being a computer expert, I decided to tackle the topic of the 12th most popular computer course on Udemy.It turned out that Udemy had just […]

How to use the internet for learning computer science

A new class of online computer science courses is taking the internet by storm and promises to transform the way people learn.It’s called The Internet for Learning (TIL), and it’s being taught in the United States, Canada and around the world.TIL is an internet-enabled class that aims to provide an “online learning environment” for people who are unable to attend […]