How to teach computers to code, study online courses

Recode is reporting that the National Science Foundation is launching a pilot program that will teach computer science and engineering to undergraduates online.The program, called Computer Skills in the 21st Century, will begin this fall, and it will be available through the NSSF’s online education portal.The program will use computer skills training courses that are offered by colleges, universities, and […]

How to get your computer skills to the next level

In this video tutorial, you’ll learn the basics of the fundamentals of computer programming, and how to get a computer to do a task.You’ll also learn how to make a simple application that will display some images and other data.The tutorial also includes the ability to add your own text, music, or voice to the computer.This video tutorial is available […]

How to make the perfect online course for a new job

How to create a course for the new job you’re considering?In this article, we explore how to create an online course that can take your online learning to the next level.Topics: careers,online-course,job-search,work,computer,technology,jobs source The Wall Street Journal title How will my job search affect my education?article The online learning revolution is changing the way we think about education.It’s creating new […]